Engaging the Mission Conversations

Friday, September 03, 2021
3:30 PM - 4:30 PM (CT)
Event Type
Special Event
Alicia Tait
Center for Catholic Studies

Marianist Educational Characteristic: Educate for Formation in Faith

Marianist Pillar:
Marianist Charism and First Pillar - Faith


  • Reverend William J. Meyer, S.M., Rector
  • Alicia Cordoba Tait, D.M.A., Beirne Director of Center for Catholic Studies
  • Assisted by: Jessica Uhlig, Associate Provost for Academic Administration and Mission Integration


CMU (pp. 11-13)
LMS (Marianist Charism, Pillar 1-Faith)
CIT (pp. 4-7)
LMS Pillar

Associated Texts

Characteristics of Marianist Universities (2019) (CMU)
Living the Marianist Spirit: How Are You Being Called to Bring Christ into the World as Mary Did? (2019) (LMS)
The Catholic Intellectual Tradition Core Principles for the College or University (2017) (CIT)

Presenter Reflective Questions

What do you believe in? What gives you joy? Life? (Gifts of the Spirit)
How do you navigate your gifts (talents, teaching, profession, interactions) within a Marianist educational environment? (Marianist Educational Characteristics)
How do you reflect upon and apply elements of the Catholic Intellectual Tradition to help students develop “just heart(s) and a sense of right relationships”? (Glodek, Marianist Praxis (2020), 19) (Catholic Intellectual Tradition)

Program Reflective Questions:

Who am I?
Why am I here?
What really matters?
What does the world need?
How ought we to live? (CIT cover)

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