Teaching with an Equity-Minded Lens: Practical Ideas for Implementing Equity as an HSI Instructor to Improve Student Learning

Friday, April 09, 2021
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM (CT)
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Special Event
Amanda Hill
St. Mary's University

Teaching with an Equity-Minded Lens: Practical Ideas for Implementing Equity as an HSI Instructor to Improve Student Learning 


ESCALA Workshop Facilitator: Melissa L. Salazar, Ph.D., CEO of ESCALA  


90 minutes (on Zoom, with breakout rooms and interactive activities) 

Intended Audience: Instructional Faculty  

ESCALA Educational Services Inc., a consulting group that serves Hispanic Serving Institutions around the U.S., will facilitate a 90- minute workshop via Zoom for St. Mary’s University instructional leaders, and instructors. The workshop is designed to give St. Mary’s University instructors a collective opportunity to discuss current needs and develop more strategic actions to improve campus climate and student success within their Hispanic Serving Institution. 

Description of Session: During this 90-minute highly interactive workshop, faculty will develop their understanding of practical strategies that increase equity and cultural responsiveness as an instructor in a Hispanic Serving Institution. First participants will hear the aspirational, navigational, and persistence assets that Latinx and Hispanic students bring from their families and communities to their pursuit of higher education and examine these students’ stories as part of their core responsibilities for teaching in a historical, faith-based HSI. Then we will discuss what culturally responsive instruction looks like in terms of leveraging students’ assets in their learning environments. Participants will then discuss 3 concrete strategies that increase asset-based cultural responsiveness for Latinx college students: academic validation, disaggregation of grades, and discussion structures and protocols. In each, they will see examples of how to implement these three strategies from other HSI instructors and have time to work in small teams to create a plan to implement at least one strategy in one of their courses. 





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